You’ve made great
educational products.
You’ve got data pouring in.

Kidaptive’s AI-based Adaptive Learning Platform (ALP) enables educational companies to extract more value from their data.

ALP’s Capabilities
ALP is a cloud-based assessment and reporting platform, designed to combine data streams from a variety of learning-relevant contexts to create a universal, longitudinal, high-dimensional psychometric profile of a learner.
Real-time Adaptivity

ALP uses a Bayesian-IRT psychometric framework to determine the best next challenge for each learner. Our peer-reviewed 2014 randomized field trial demonstrated that this approach leads to increased engagement and retention and can also improve learning.

Actionable Insights
ALP’s insight engine can provide recommendations to parents, teachers, and others about the best ways to support learners. Our partners have used this feature to provide reports about learners’ progress, performance, and achievement to parents, teachers, and the learners themselves.
Personalized Learning
ALP draws data from many different contexts into a centralized learner model to provide a comprehensive view of the learner’s proficiency, preferences, and activity. ALP uses this model to help a learning context personalize each learner’s experience by presenting him or her with the optimal next challenge, instructional material, or real-world activity.
Kidaptive’s Advantage
Expertise in applying learning sciences to big data
Unlike other big data platforms, ALP is tuned to shed light on learning, rather than just monitoring activity.
Comprehensive centralized learner model
Because ALP draws data from many different contexts, its model of the learner will be richer than what any single context could generate.
How ALP Works
Define important learning events in your learning context with support from Kidaptive’s expert learning scientists. Then connect to ALP with our client- or server-side SDKs.
Data Collection and Analysis
Send event data for ALP to analyze in real time and update each learner’s profile. These data streams can also be aggregated to help you investigate usage, behavior, content efficacy, and content quality metrics.
Provide immediate guidance to learners and share personalized insights with stakeholders using metrics and predictive models from ALP.
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