Adaptive Learning Platform


Our ALP (Adaptive Learning Platform) can combine data from multiple learning contexts and dynamically adjust challenges as learners engage to help you deliver a personalized learning experience for each child.

Our Approach


Learner-Centric Model

Because it was designed to incorporate data from a range of sources, ALP can support personalized learning in any domain and at any age level to provide the optimal learning experience for your users. These data are used to create an adaptive learning environment, generate personalized insights and activity suggestions for each learner and their parents, and update the learner’s psychometric profile to provide a meaningful picture of their learning journey.

How It Works

ALP can combine evidence from a variety of contexts to create a unified psychometric profile for each learner. As these profiles grow with each child, they’ll provide you with rich insight into not only your learners’ strengths and interests but also the efficacy of your own educational product. Plus,  ALP is easy to implement. Just map your learning objectives to our framework and plug our SDK into your learning environment to start taking advantage of its powerful capabilities.


Our Technology

ALP includes a massively scalable cloud-based psychometric engine; a real-time recommendation engine; and a full-featured client SDK that supports local adaptivity, even when the client is offline. We use cutting-edge messaging protocols and parallel distributed computation to achieve near-time asynchronous feedback between client and server, and we leverage powerful machine learning techniques to find and capitalize upon emergent patterns across all learners.