Personalized tips to nurture your preschooler in smart, playful ways

Learner Mosaic is an award-winning free iPhone app designed by early-learning experts that lets you as a parent:

  •  Turn daily interactions with your preschooler into meaningful learning moments.
  • Get personalized, research-based tips and activity suggestions to help your learner thrive.
  • Understand your child’s learning strengths, struggles and passions.

To get the richest set of insights, pair Learner Mosaic with the Leo’s Pad Enrichment Program, our award-winning iPad app for preschoolers.

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“This app is one of the smartest apps I’ve seen for providing parents with activities to aid development…they were even new to me, an avid reader (and even contributor) to books and web pages about activities to do with children. Overall, this is now a must-have app for parents of young children.”

–Smart Apps for Kids

“The content it carries is so valuable and you can’t find it anywhere else…Learner Mosaic is a personalized parenting handbook in your pocket.”


“I find that I am noticing things about [my son] that I wouldn’t have noticed without the help of Learner Mosaic. If you are a busy parent, and aren’t we all, pick up Learner Mosaic to help you discover fresh new ways to nurture your child into a capable and intelligent adult.”

—The iPhone Mom

App Features

Get personalized insights into your child’s learning

Learner Mosaic provides you with insight into your child’s strengths, struggles and passions across more than 75 skill areas, based on information from games played in Leo’s Pad Enrichment Program.

Enhance insights with your own observations

Learner Mosaic captures everyday learning by asking you simple questions about your child’s activities and interests. Your responses provide a more holistic picture of your child and further personalize your recommendations.

Watch your child’s Mosaic grow

As your child develops new skills, the app keeps track of milestones and builds out your child’s unique Mosaic. This virtual “learning map” shows how your child is progressing across the key development areas.

Browse for quick ideas

Find fun activities that you can do to support your child’s development. Visit the Ideas section to find suggestions based on your child’s individual skill levels.

Get research-based recommendations

The recommendations in Learner Mosaic are created by our expert Learning Team and designed to be easy to act on, so you can incorporate learning moments into every interaction with your child.


See examples of parenting tips and activities created by our learning team.

Personalized tips to nurture your learner in smart, playful ways


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