Preschool app for iPad

Our Story

Kidaptive’s mission is to help children learn and have fun, and to empower parents, by creating a vibrant ecosystem of personalized learning experiences. We began that mission by creating Leo’s Pad and Learner Mosaic to promote playful, whole-child development. Our latest product, Hodoo English, helps Korean elementary-school students learn to speak English naturally and confidently.

Our Adaptive Learning Platform (ALP) undergirds our own products and those built by partners. ALP observes what a learner knows and can do in apps, websites, and even offline learning contexts; it then brings together observations from across these contexts like tiles in a mosaic, producing a richly detailed picture of that learner’s progress and preferences. This picture is at the heart of our vision of personalized, playful, lifelong learning.


Our Core Values

An owner’s mindset of taking initiative and responsibility

A craftsman’s passion for pursuing excellence

A musician’s dedication to the symphony


An athlete’s courage to face challenge and risk failure


A kid’s spirit of playfulness