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From tinkering to planning: Building executive functions

September 20, 2014

Building sets that encourage free play, like Tinkertoy® pieces, are great tools for helping your child develop planning and sequencing skills, which are fundamental to completing daily tasks and solving complex problems. Research shows that early childhood is a critical time for developing these skills. Try this fun building activity to support your child’s growth! […]

Bedtime stories to grab your child’s attention

Research has shown that executive function is an even better predictor of school success than academic skill.  One important aspect of executive function is attention control, which allows a child to stay focused on a task at hand and to persevere in a challenging situation. A few weeks ago, we shared how to help your child […]

Flex your child’s brain muscles!

Have you ever wondered what gives us the ability to adjust to ever-changing features in the environment and to see things from a different perspective? Research shows that cognitive flexibility is related to everything from social skills to early arithmetic, and there is a consistent developmental progression as children get older. You can help your […]

Improve your child’s attention control

Learning to focus and complete tasks that are necessary but aren’t always fun is an important life skill. A great time to practice this skill is while cleaning up! Consider creating a consistent routine to help your child know when it’s time to clean up and stay focused on the task at hand. Here are […]