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Wacky wordplay: Understanding letter sounds

Research consistently shows that phonological awareness is the most powerful predictor of reading ability. Having an awareness of the small sounds that make up spoken language, like syllables and phonemes (distinct units of sound that distinguish one word from another), provides the foundation for connecting those sounds to written letters. Help your child with this […]

Deliberate practice for deliberate learning

Mrs. Coselian, my piano teacher, had her work cut out for her when I first climbed onto her piano bench. I was a distractible 5-year-old who would rather be playing outside than tickling ivory. Her persistence was great, however, and under her guidance and coaxing I eventually learned to play. Today, I am grateful for […]

The myth of learning styles

Welcome to the first post of our series on learning and the brain!  With the federal government’s recent commitments to early childhood education and a project to map the human brain, I can’t think of a better time to begin talking about brains, learning, and education, topics I’ve spent over half a decade researching. Learning […]