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Hop to it: Practice patterns with hopscotch

Patterns are everywhere, and our brains are designed to find them and use them. We know that kids often work on patterns like “ABAB” or “ABCABC”, but why is that important? It turns out that this work with patterns lets children practice what might be the most essential pattern: “When this happens, then that happens.” […]

Help your child identify their own emotions

When it comes to expressing and responding to emotions, parents are often a child’s first model of what is acceptable and in what contexts. This puts you in the perfect position to help your child develop emotional understanding! One critical step in understanding the emotions of others is understanding one’s own emotions. To model this […]

5 steps to improve problem-solving skills

Problem solving is a process that involves the coordination of many other cognitive skills, such as working memory, attention control, and knowledge about the problem topic. The ability to solve problems is essential for success both in and out of school. Fortunately, parental support and modeling can go a long way in helping kids develop […]

A Tasty Lesson in Self-Help

Kindergarten teachers consistently rate self-help skills as an essential foundation for school readiness. Self-help skills refer to the ability to independently take care of everyday tasks, such as getting dressed, eating and drinking, brushing teeth, and retrieving toys and materials for play. These skills require attention, self-control, and fine motor control and are usually learned […]