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Into the River: Practicing Impulse Control

Resisting something that feels natural is hard for anyone and requires great impulse control. Impulse control can refer to the control of both verbal and physical responses. Researchers have shown that the inhibition of a physical response is more challenging for young children and generally develops later, but this “watery” adventure is a great way to practice! […]

The great sand search: Improving spatial-awareness skills

Spatial awareness incorporates both physical abilities (such as vestibular and kinesthetic senses) and cognitive processes like spatial reasoning, memory, and relational knowledge. Help your child practice these important spatial-awareness skills by embarking on a fun and exciting sand search together! Age: 3 and older Time: 10 minutes Materials: sand area (a park, the beach, or […]

A Tasty Lesson in Self-Help

Kindergarten teachers consistently rate self-help skills as an essential foundation for school readiness. Self-help skills refer to the ability to independently take care of everyday tasks, such as getting dressed, eating and drinking, brushing teeth, and retrieving toys and materials for play. These skills require attention, self-control, and fine motor control and are usually learned […]