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Pantry playtime for better spatial reasoning

September 13, 2014

We’ve talked about the advantages of engaging preschoolers in chores, including how it helps them develop greater autonomy and competence, but this week’s activity from a preschool teacher on Kidaptive’s Learning Team adds yet another benefit! By engaging your preschooler in a fun game of “pantry Tetris®”, in which you tidy up the food pantry […]

The great sand search: Improving spatial-awareness skills

Spatial awareness incorporates both physical abilities (such as vestibular and kinesthetic senses) and cognitive processes like spatial reasoning, memory, and relational knowledge. Help your child practice these important spatial-awareness skills by embarking on a fun and exciting sand search together! Age: 3 and older Time: 10 minutes Materials: sand area (a park, the beach, or […]