Tips and Tidbits

Exploring emotions through books and movies

Last week, we provided a few tips on how to support your child when they’re experiencing an intense emotion. This week, try this activity suggestion to further enrich their emotional learning: Reading a book or watching a movie can be a great time to practice identifying emotions in oneself and in others. As the action […]

Help your child identify their own emotions

When it comes to expressing and responding to emotions, parents are often a child’s first model of what is acceptable and in what contexts. This puts you in the perfect position to help your child develop emotional understanding! One critical step in understanding the emotions of others is understanding one’s own emotions. To model this […]

An easy way to enhance counting activities

Like a puzzle, part-whole thinking requires the ability to process a whole object, the discrete parts within it, and the relations among the parts and the whole. Research has shown that part-whole thinking relates to many areas of mathematical reasoning, including counting, early arithmetic, and geometry. Research also suggests that one simple tweak of language […]