Tips and Tidbits

Letter recognition: ABC’s and beyond

It’s no surprise that letter knowledge at an early age is a strong predictor of reading skill later on. But did you know that children learn letter names better, and more strongly connect letters to reading, when letter names are taught with letter sounds? That’s because a letter name doesn’t have any intrinsic meaning. Although […]

Give your child a hand up in mathematical reasoning

Measurement is one of the most frequent real-world applications of mathematical reasoning. Although it’s a highly complex skill that bridges spatial relations and number concepts, research shows that conceptual measurement skills can be developed in the preschool years. Start by teaching your learner to measure the length of an object—like their bed, the kitchen table, […]

“X” marks the spot: Build spatial memory skills

Why are pirates so good at finding hidden treasure? Because of their strong spatial memory skills! Although spatial memory doesn’t make for very good jokes, it is an important skill for problem solving, giving directions, and yes, using maps (including treasure maps!). Help your 3- to 5-year-old develop this ability by inviting them on an […]

Improve your child’s attention control

Learning to focus and complete tasks that are necessary but aren’t always fun is an important life skill. A great time to practice this skill is while cleaning up! Consider creating a consistent routine to help your child know when it’s time to clean up and stay focused on the task at hand. Here are […]