Tips and Tidbits

Wacky wordplay: Understanding letter sounds

Research consistently shows that phonological awareness is the most powerful predictor of reading ability. Having an awareness of the small sounds that make up spoken language, like syllables and phonemes (distinct units of sound that distinguish one word from another), provides the foundation for connecting those sounds to written letters. Help your child with this […]

Sort it out: Organizing the world around us

The ability to organize the environment into groups allows humans to think critically about things they see, respond more efficiently to situations, and learn new information more quickly by relating it to existing knowledge. In children, these categorization skills relate strongly to language development and emergent math skills. To help your child practice categorization, first […]

A recipe for sequencing success

If you’ve ever made spaghetti, you know there’s more that goes into it than just pasta and tomato sauce. And while you might say it’s your grandmother’s famous spicy meatballs, there’s one more key ingredient: sequencing! Sequencing, or planning, involves following the correct order of steps to accomplish a task, and a recipe is a […]