Tips and Tidbits

Practice patterns through rhythm

Recognizing, following, and creating patterns is an important skill that prepares kids for early math learning and other important cognitive tasks, like problem solving and spatial reasoning. Patterns can exist almost anywhere, from colors that we see to rhythms that we hear. Engaging your child in a rhythm game allows them to explore patterns in […]

A better way to help your child retain new information

What do meeting important deadlines, following a conversation, and performing mental arithmetic all have in common?  They all require working memory, a function that allows us to store small amounts of information at a time to help us complete a cognitive task.  Research shows that children’s working memory capacities are smaller than those of adults. […]

Think inside the box: An exercise in perspective taking

Did you know that perspective-taking skills play a key role in children’s ability to demonstrate sensitivity in relationships, interpret and react to unwritten social rules, and make sense of other people’s behavior? Try this playful, 10-minute activity to help your child improve their ability to take another person’s perspective! Before you start the activity with your child, find a box […]