Why Kidaptive

At Kidaptive, we know that learning happens everywhere. We also know that the first few years of life are when learning can have the greatest impact, not only in regards to what children learn but also in regards to their attitudes towards learning. We’re passionate about creating personalized learning experiences that encourage a love of learning, and we aim to support those early teachers who are most likely to inspire it: parents. Through innovative technology, applied psychometrics, and a learning sciences team anchored by Stanford University, we seek to empower a whole new generation of learners.


We Are the Experts

We strive to enable the best in everyone who uses our products. That means having the best and brightest people on our team. Kidaptive comprises learning scientists, psychometricians, educators, technologists, game designers, and engineers from top universities around the world.

We Know Early Learning

By targeting early learning, Kidaptive taps into the most important stage of brain development in a child’s life for learning outcomes that will last a lifetime. Our first product, Leo’s Pad Enrichment Program, is an award-winning preschool app designed by our expert Learning Team and has become a family favorite for its impact on children’s learning.

Early Learning and Why it Matters

Children are born to learn. An infant’s brain grows rapidly and remains highly “plastic,” or malleable, during the first five years. Important creative, thinking, and social-emotional skills must take root early on to become stable parts of their evolving minds. Interactions with adults, activities with physical materials, and free play with peers set the stage for learning that has been shown, time and again, to lead to future academic,
professional, and personal success.